Tasmanian artists:                     Julie Gough, Francisca Moenne, Robert O'Connor.  

Residency:                             October 1-December 6 2016 Santiago, Chiloé, Región de Magallanes y Antartica Chilena

Exhibition:                                           8 June-27 July 2017 146 ArtSpace Gallery, Hobart (TAS)



Evolution is a process of constant turn and re-turn; a backwards and forwards cruise from past to present; a non-linear system of unpredictable conversions and diversions that proceeds at no regular pace and on invisible flux.

Non-linear time (found image)

Francisca Moenne, leaf litter, Senda Darwin (Chiloé), photo on field (2016)

Robert O'Connor, Santiago de Chile, photo on field (2016)

Julie Gough, Puerto Natales, photo on field (2016)


 Land is a place of origin.  So is the night sky. Together they guard an unknown island; relations and interconnections that shape the surface; in silent motion, land pulses beneath our feet and above our shuttered eyes. 

The Milky Way

Robert O'Connor, sketches on site, Santiago 2016

Robert O'Connor, sketches on site, Santiago 2016

Julie Gough, Tebrikunna (Tasmania), photo on field (2012)

Francisca Moenne, Isla Navarino, photo on field (2016)


Gondwana is the embodied memory of time; the embryo of becoming; the shadow of identity. It is a land of the unknown; a space in-between; hidden in a black hole; and like black energy, present here and everywhere; threatened and consumed by hegemony.

Francisca Moenne, Hánis, Lenga, Nothofagus pumilio, Caleta Eugenia, Isla Navarino, photo on field (2016)

Robert O'Connor, photo on field (2016)

Julie Gough, The Yagan Ferry (Punta Arenas-Puerto Willimas), photo on field (2016)


Cartography is a system of layered interpretations that convey knowledge as they link into patterns of meaning that formulate maps into maps in succession

Black Matter, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, 14 October 2016

Black Matter, Museo de Arte Moderno (MAM), Castro, 28 October, 2016

Julie Gough and Francisca Moenne, on-site intervention, Puerto Williams, November 2016

Black Matter, Café Puerto Louisa, Puerto Williams, 23 November 2016

Black Matter © 2017